Re-introduce theatre to the public and preserve the expression of our culture and history through the arts.

Using drama as a means of creating awareness and sensitizing the populace on socio-political and cultural issues.

To be the voice that orientates, educates, and informs the world about African arts and to pass on the gospel of theatre to the younger generations imbibing peace and reconciliation.

Organize school competitions and festivals.

Organizing regular Workshops and professional classes for young people on development and mentorship.

Special attention to children, training and working with school teachers to find alternative pathways to instilling knowledge in children through games and arts.

Collaborating with interested NGOs, corporate bodies and government to promote culture as a developmental tool for young people.

Organize training programs to equip individuals with skills to create job opportunities in entertainment and the creative industry. .

To Train, Harness, Empower and Develop Young people with skills in Communication, Self-confidence, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Craft and Intellect.

Community service: Regular support for street children on education and materials needed for school, widows through food/material support, and their families, seeking international platform for inter-school exchange.

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