Portray a people with a particular characteristic and that is the perception that lingers on in the minds of other people about them. Stories are defined by how they are told, where they are told, and who tells them. Every human especially children have at one time, if not every day had series of imaginations about their world and other places. Imaginations form a background to our existence; imaginations from stories, songs, folklores and history. Several histories though faded have been revived through imaginative thinking. Eras and worlds are reconstructed based on images and imageries beautifully carved out of old and faded memories of human history and philosophy. Imagine ... "Imagine that I am Cinderella," says the Nigerian actress. "Imagine turtles could fly," replies the German. And what do we imagine when we hear Nigeria? What images do we carry when we think of another region of the world? Where did we get these pictures from? How can we create our own TV, an "imaginary TV", break down prejudices and create our own shared vision of a world in which we want to live? Two actresses from different continents and a musician meet each other on stage, meet the audience. In poetic pictures, with playful lyrics in German and English, with singing and intoxicating dance. The artists from Lagos and Dusseldorf explore the dangers of one-sided perceptions with lust and humor. Director Joshua Alabi is one of Nigeria's most renowned next-generation theater makers. He works in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, for the British Council and on behalf of the Goethe-Institut. With his free theater Kininso Koncepts »Imagination TV« is being created in cooperation with the Junges Schauspiel and at the invitation of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. "Imagination TV" can only be seen in Düsseldorf in January and February.

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