The global war against the novel disease called Corona virus, otherwise called Covid 19 causing the deaths of thousands of people all over the world, with the death toll increasing incessantly by the seconds and minutes in major world-power countries like America, France, Italy and China has changed the world as we know it, still all effort for a cure has proved abortive. Since the advent of the novel virus, Nigeria has hit 1932 cases as at the 30th day of the month of April, 2020, 58 deaths and 319 discharged persons confirmed to be negative, based on an analysis provided by Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

Talk And Do

TALK 'N' DO is a musical theatre socio-political piece that deals with the role of citizens in the bid to strengthen anticorruption laws in the country. Citizens on the other hand stand and watch their rights trampled upon on a daily bases, but would rather not speak for the fear victimization while persons with disabilities are left in a world of their own. Driven by music, dance, drama, poetry and pictures, this captivating performance discusses issues around sexual and gender based violence, child right, vulnerable and people with disability proffering solution and where to receive help.