Prof. Ahmed Parker Yerima

He is a Nigerian academic, professor playwright and theater director. He was director-general of the Nigerian National Theatre, and has previously served as director of the National Troupe. He is a professor of Theater and Performing Arts and has been dean of the College of Humanities, Redeemer’s University since 2013. Yerima’s play, “Hard Ground”, won the drama category of the 2007 Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas literary prize. The play later went on a country-wide tour. Though Yerima wrote on different genres of literature but most of his works are historical plays. Prominent among these are plays include The Trials of Oba Ovonramwen, Attahiru, Ameh Oboni the Great, The Angel, The Twist, Uncle Venyil, The Bishop and the Soul, The Wives, The Mirror Cracks, The Lottery Ticket, Kaffir’s Last Game, The Sisters, Mojagbe, Little Drops, Heart of Stone, Yemoja, Orisa Ibeji, Otaelo, Hard Ground, Song of a Goat, and Wedlock of the gods.