A fathers’ action caused his wife’s untimely death. It fuelled his trusting daughter’s resentment, yet he did it for them. How far should a father go to satisfy the desires of his family?

Tuti is a window into the rotten underbelly of the church, riddled with greed, competition, hypocrisy and corruption. Indeed, not all that glitters is gold.

And now a dying father must redeem what little strand of self-respect is left of him in the eyes of a daughter who has long shed innocence. Will he succeed?



Kininso Koncepts is a creative/cultural hub established with the aim of inspiring greatness and making relevant statements through storytelling and deep-rooted research in our culture and tradition geared towards creating a unique storytelling performance style. As storytellers, we do not only entertain, inform, and educate, we also challenge and transform the intellectual, social and cultural perspective of our communities. We are an inclusive hub that utilize creativity, technology, stories and design innovation to tell authentic African and contemporary stories, challenge the status-quo and shift perceptions.


Cream Body touches on discussions around   skin colours, bleaching, toning, pigmentation, colourism and identity. This face-me-i-face-you house comedy highlights the stereotypes, prejudices and biases based on skin colour while pointing out   demeaning utterances used especially against women, believing their skin colour or body feature equates to their brain capacity.


‘FIX POLITICS’, an original poem by a member of the Fix Politics Initiative; Dike Chukwumerije performed at the Fix Politics Conference launched in 2019 as part of the Fix Politics Movement/SPPG (School of Politics, Policy, and governance) program whose mission is to teach young people to become good leaders and build a massive base and pipeline of a new and progressively disruptive –thinking political class. We found ‘Fix politics’ during the End Sars protest in 2020. We filmed this piece because we believed it has embedded within it the different facets of our societal misconstruction and it uncovers the truth with a daring tone.


The ‘dirtiness’ of politics in Nigeria has overtime deterred young people from getting involved for this reason, we featured seasoned actors and veterans like Bimbo Manuel, Jude Chukwuka, Efe Paul Azino, Francis Owochei, Segun Adefila, not leaving out Nollywoods fresh and finest cinema faces such as Sambasa Nzeribe who featured in blockbuster cinema movies such as Wedding party, Slow country, etc Tope Olowoniyan featured in King of Boys2, Caroline Igben popularly known for her instagram skits with Mr Macaroni and Nasboi, Emmanuel Anya, Olasunkanmi Adebayo, Nnamdi Agbo, Precious Eminue and popular Instagram comedian Eriakha Edgar. The actors brought the project to life with their solemn but intense interpretation reminding us that the young and old have a part to play in Fixing that POLITICS.

The production was achieved through the support of the Centre for Information Technology (CITAD) and MacArthur foundation Nigeria. The official premiere and screening with stakeholders, pressmen, and media stations was held on the 26th February 2022.

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TIATA TORI is a weekend monthly showcase of sensational, entertaining and educating theatre shows. With music, dance and drama we tell original, interesting and thought-provoking stories that will resonate in the hearts of people. This initiative helps in the all-round development of an artiste and serves as a relaxing spot for the audience after a hectic week.

Theatre companies can stage their works for four weekends (Saturday and Sunday) every month to 50 audience members per day in line with the Lagos State Covid-19 guidelines.  Terms and Conditions apply.

Here is a sneak peak of our very first edition of Tiata+ Tori last year December 2021. We kicked it off with one of our play titled CREAM BODY.

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