KiNiNso-Koncepts Productions is a Professional Young People’s Art, Theatre/Entertainment Company.

It was established with the sole aim of making statement of relevance with a deep root in research making into our culture and tradition towards innovating a creatively different performance style and a story-telling technique that will not only entertain, inform and educate but challenge our audience, ourselves as human towards nation building and the need for intellectual, physical, social and cultural development.

Through the means of dance, drama, music, movement, poetry and nature we create stories, infuse unusual elements blending with ground-breaking as well as mentally/physically energetic performance using our body as the tool for conveying messages with a strong sense of creativity and aesthetics.

Our believe and adoption of the physical and experimental theatre technique is a means of portraying Africa as a centre of social and cultural integration.

We think just beyond a theme, a venue and an audience. We carve performances that educate and enrich, creating avenue for young people to explore themselves in the arts and at the same time to pass on the gospel of theatre to the younger generations and instil moral values. Most importantly, to revive and develop the culture of theatre in Nigeria.


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