About Kininso Koncepts

About Kininso Koncepts

Kininso is a creative and cultural organization that aims to inspire greatness and make relevant statements through storytelling and deep-rooted research into African culture and tradition. We aim to create a unique storytelling technique and innovate new performance styles. As storytellers, we entertain, inform, educate, challenge, and transform our communities’ intellectual, social, and cultural perspectives. We are an inclusive hub that utilizes creativity, technology, stories, and design innovation to tell authentic African and contemporary stories, challenge the status quo, and shift perception.

We have trained and supported young people locally and internationally in diverse creative endeavors, expanding their knowledge of the business of creativity. We focus on development and process sharing through training, value creation, and community engagement. We are constantly exploring new ways of engaging with youths.

Our Mission

Connect, Enrich, Beautify people by telling real inspiring stories.

Our Vision

Inspire Greatness

Our Values - we are a team first and then a company

Innovation, Discipline, Accountability, Speed, Commitment, Honesty, Result

Who We Are - Our Company DNA

We are a vibrant creative storytelling organization with the purpose of telling Nigerian and African stories to the world. Creativity and Innovation are at the heart of all we do. They drive our ideas, designs, discoveries and expressions

What We Do - Our Reason for being

We tell stories, empower people and develop ideas.