Imagination TV

IMAGINATION TV “Imagine that I am Cinderella,” says the Nigerian actress. “Imagine turtles could fly,” replies the German. The artists from Lagos and Dusseldorf explore the dangers of one-sided perceptions with lust and humor. They overcome the simplistic label of “parallel societies” and confronts incomprehension and statements that fall within the boundaries of stereotypes. This is a German-Nigerian production done by Joshua Alabi, director of The Kininso Theatre and the dramaturge Kirsten Hess from Dusseldorf. The performance was showcased in Dusseldorf in January and February and for the first time was showcased at Kininso International Festival of Theatre 2019. This performance was inspired by Chimamanda Adichie’s speech “Dangers of a Single Story” and the film “Beast of No Nation”. As a growing company, we seek support, sponsorship and partnership in every way. Below is the link to the premiere of the performance in Germany, Dusseldorf;