PATCHES a lively and engaging piece which displays varieties of sewing materials, in different worlds and how they join hands to achieve a common goal and actualize their dreams. A sewing workshop with 2 distinct characters, Patch and Stitch both in their individual world wanted to explore the modern and old ways of making dresses and designs based on their knowledge, however, this wasn’t achieved as they ended up playing away. It connects to the audience through sounds, music and dance. Without words many questions are raised in this piece which uses pieces of clothing as its special tool and creates beauty with it. It was first performed at Kininso International Festival of Theatre which was held at Shodex Garden, Ikorodu road Anthony and at Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos Island from the 5th-9th November 2018, created and directed by Joshua Alabi. The performance explores a lot of technique and styles, colours and movements and lots of props usage depicting a material exploration. Here are some links to some of the previous shows;