Omo Odo sojourns from his ancient home to a land of supposed freedom, luxury, and beauty. Bided an uncertain farewell by his aged mother, whether she is happy or not, he must go through lifes fire to become a man. Maybe he works as a tailor or a carpenter, as long as he comes back home to build corrugated iron over her head and save them from the doom of rotting in the village. In the city, Omo Odo encounters all and sundry that is supposed of a cosmopolitan town, but finally finds himself in a small family and with the Dog as his only friend, his stay was made not only by the teacher whose teaching and tutoring built and formed him but also from his Cherub, Omolabake, the daughter of the family. Omo Odo the untutored who later rose to the position of a Tutor shows an example of how ironical life can be sometimes.

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